What Is The Light

Guitar and piano

"What Is The Light?"
The Flaming Lips
from "The Soft Bulletin"
tabbed by arlen b, 05/22/03
website: http://www.geocities.com/kingoftheeskimos
(Tab uploaded by Adam D with permission to the Flaming Lips Hub wiki, http://flaminglips.wikidot.com)

standard tuning (although drop-d is nice for hitting that low D; your choice)

chords used:
   G    A    D Dsus4/C Em   F# Dmaj7/C#  Bm  Bm7/A  D7/C Amb5

*note* lower case letters indicate single notes (as opposed to chords)


g    a      d       g    a   d      g       a    d c#  b    a  
what is the light / that you have / shining all around you;

g      a          d
 is it chemically derived??

    g       a  d         g         a            d
cos if it's    natural / something glowing from inside

g       a    d c#  b  a g    a             d
shining all around you / its potential has arrived

G            A        D               G           A                 D
looking into space it surrounds you / love is the place that you're drawn to

G            A        D               G           A                D
looking into space it surrounds you / love is the face that you're drawn to

[D    Dsus4/C    Em    A]  x2     F#

g    a      d       g    a   d
what is the light / that you have

G       A    D Dmaj7/C#  Bm  Bm7/A  G
shining all arouuuuuuund you;

G      A          D7/C           Amb5
 is it chemically derived??

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