There You Are

Guitar tab

"There You Are" (Jesus Song No. 7)
The Flaming Lips
From "In A Priest Driven Ambulance" / "The Day They Shot A Hole In The Jesus Egg"
tabbed by arlen b, 05/13/03, coda by Stonebeard
(Tab uploaded by Adam D with permission to the Flaming Lips Hub wiki,

standard tuning

chords used:
   Bm  F#m    A    G    D   F#
B--3----2-----2---0/3---3-- 2----------------------------------------

*note* the beginning of this song is sort of tricky to tab; the melody is
played (primarily) on the G string, while the A and D strings are played (open) 
intermittently (and not neccesarily simultaneously) inbetween notes on the G 
string. i'll tab out the melody on the G string, and let you listen to the 
record for timing for the D and A strings.

intro:       verse:

There you are
And you stand in the rain
And the rain fills your brain
And it makes you think that God
Was fucked up when he made this town 

There you stand
With your bleedin' hands
And you don't understand
Why you work so goddamn hard
To be anything at all 

There you are
And you drive in your car
And you wish for the stars
And you end up face down in the road
Dead as fuck

then the chords for the outro (would this be called a "coda"??):

Bm  F#m  A  Bm  G  D  F#

Outro solo:

G---4~--4---4/6--6~---6---6/9--9~---9---12\11--11~---11---14~---14  x2



and that's it.

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